Solid Metal. Your sign can be made of solid metal, whether it is aluminum • bronze • copper • stainless. The metal is custom-finished for interior or exterior use. Fabricated or soldered custom metal signs provide exquisite image at exceptional value. You have the same choices as solid metal, including finished brass, stainless steel, bronze and copper. Because this technique uses layered thin strips of metal soldered or welded solid, they are lighter and hollow. Every company and organization finds it can afford a custom metal sign in this category of manufacture, in part because they last so long. For example, brass-look outdoor signs are specially treated and guaranteed not to tarnish or change color for seven years.
Metal with alternate backing still uses real metal, in thin sheets, which is laminated onto various backing. You get a custom metal sign, but it weighs significantly less and the cost is lower. Acrylic backing can be laminated to the genuine metal facing, or the acrylic itself can be painted with metallic paint. PVC backers perform superbly with custom thin-metal laminates. These two options recognize the need for price options while maintaining the look and feel of other custom metal signs.

PVC Signs, also known as Vinyl, Plastic or Sintra Signs. Full color printing on 3 mil (0.125") gauge white PVC board, single sided. Digitally printed direct from your custom design art file.